Youth Championship

The 2019 Wisconsin State USBC Youth Championship Tournament is now complete. This year we are adding scholarship money to the Team and the Doubles divisions. The Final Standings and Scholarship Prizes are still under review. We thank you for your patience.Thank you to Super Bowl in Appleton and the Greater Fox Cities USBC for their hard work and dedication to putting on another successful event!

We look forward to seeing you in Wausau next year at Dale's Weston Lanes.

Current Standings

 Winning Entries for 2019 USBC Junior Gold Tournament

July 13-20, 2019  -  Detroit, MI

Boys: Evan Dietzen,Oshkosh  -  Evan Schmandt, Menomonee Falls  - Levi Courtney, Janesville

Girls: Katherine Reynolds, Green Bay  -Mara Geiwitz, LaCrosse  - Callie Schwerin, Oshkosh

Week 1 High Scores

Boys High Game: Christopher Richardson 279

Boys High Series: Brandon Drewieske 747

Girls High Game: Brittany Fahnestock 258

Girls High Series: Brittany Fahnestock 667

Week 2 High Scores

Boys High Game: Ethan Ruedinger 300

Boys High Series: Steven Reigh 722

Girls High Game: Katherine Reynolds 279

Girls High Series: Katherine Reynolds 715

Week 3 High Scores

Boys High Game: Evan Schmandt 278

Boys High Series: Kyle Muth 729

Girls High Game: Bridget Bazile 259

Girls High Series: Karyn Chukel 655

Week 4 High Scores

Boys High Game: Hunter Greifenhagen 289

Boys High Series: Michael Powley 775

Girls High Game: Allison Powers 268

Girls High Series: Hannah Yelk 685

Week 5 High Scores

Boys High Game: Justin Gauger 277

Boys High Series: Justin Gauger 736

Girls High Game: Addison Jacak 279

Girls High Series: Addison Jacak 727

Week 6 High Scores

Boys High Game: Landon Kitwoski 289

Boys High Series: Landon Kitwoski 737

Girls High Game: Megan Halvorson 286

Girls High Series: Megan Halvorson 680

Week 7 High Scores

Boys High Game: Wyatt Nelson 299

Boys High Series: John Meegan 737

Girls High Game: Mara Geiwitz 279

Girls High Series: Mara Geiwitz 737

Week 8 High Scores

Boys High Game: Colton Strong 276

Boys High Series: Cody Rhyner 778

Girls High Game: Rachel Pavlik 257

Girls High Series: Rachel Pavlik 641

Week 9 High Scores

Boys High Game: Everett Strean 300

Boys High Series: Connor Thun 300/744

Girls High Game: Zoey Darwin 259

Girls High Series: Cassie Prill 690

Week 10 High Scores

Boys High Game: Tristian Albrecht 299

Boys High Series: Austin Tryba 837

Girls High Game: Tara Rockteschel 268

Girls High Series: Ashlea Kreager 686

Week 11 High Scores

Boys High Game: Shane Jordan 289

Boys High Series: Jacob Streich 727

Girls High Game: Carley Schweiger 255

Girls High Series: Carley Schweiger 667

Honor Scores

Austin Tryba
289 - 281 - 267 = 837 Series


​Everett Strean
300 Game


​Connor Thun
300 Game


Ethan Rueinger
300 Game