Open Championship

The 121st Wisconsin State USBC Open Championship is now 8 weeks in and we are looking for another great year of competition. As of now, we have over 1940 teams registered to compete. Squads are filling up fast so please contact us and reserve your spot today! The tournament is being held in Madison for 2023. The team event is at Dream Lanes and the minor events are taking place at Bowl-A-Vard. A fillable entry blank can be found below, as well as a 2024 advance reservation request form. Please call us at 414-446-9988 and we will reserve a date and time for you. The unofficial current standings can be found below.

The lane patterns have been determined for the 121st Wisconsin State USBC Open Championship in Madison.

           Team Event - Dream Lanes              D & S - Bowl-A-Vard

         23.28 mL, 43', ratio 8.67 to 1       21.4 mL, 41', ratio 9.09 to 1

Madison Hotel Information

2023 Honor Scores

Travis Stobb 300 1-28-23

Aaron Jewell 300 2/4/23

Michael Lohse 300 2/4/23

Scott Noltemeyer 259-266-290-815 2/5/23

Larry Szczepanski 300-279-248-827 2/5/23

Tyler Lund 266-299-267-832  2/11/23

David Nissen 300 2/12/23

Kevin Olsen 277-234-289-800  2/19/23

Justin Doxtater 300 2/18/23

Steven Gerth 300  2/18/23

Troy Nockerts 300  2/18/23

Ryan Burr 300  2/24/23