Open Championship

The 119th Annual Wisconsin State USBC Open Championship is still going strong with 2 weeks left. Our tournament will conclude May 2nd, 2021. We are bowling our team event at Village Bowl in Menomonee Falls and our minor events at Bowlero in Wauwatosa. Click here for the 2021 Open Championship entry blank. Be sure to make your housing reservations. For your convenience, click on the link below.

2021 Wisconsin State USBC Tournament Operations

  • Open Championship, Womens Championship, Open Senior Championship
  • Mask are required to enter the center and are required for all spectators.
  • Masks are required in tournament offices, merchandise sales, raffle stations and bracket tables.
  • Masks are recommended in the bowling area.
  • Masks are required if you leave the bowling area.
  • Team captains, or team representative should collect all team member sanction cards (or driver’s license, ID Card) and check in at the office beginning 1 hour before scheduled squad time (please observe social distancing)
  • Team members with average changes, membership verification or substitutions should proceed to the “Changes” table
  • When you finish your competition please vacate the bowling area so that we can clean and sanitize for the next set of bowlers. Incoming bowlers and spectators should wait until the area has been completed before you “move in”.
  • Ball raffle, cash raffle, main raffle and combo tickets will be sold before bowling and given a last call before the drawings at the raffle station. Ticket will not be sold on the lanes.
  • Bracket money will not be paid out on your first day of bowling. Those winnings will be moved to the bowling center for the following day and can be picked up at the bracket table when you sign up for that day. If that is the last day of bowling for your team, the team captain can pick up all team winnings with all the yellow slips after the squad is finished. 

Thank you for your support through this very tough season!

                              2021 HONOR SCORES

Jeb Woodson  300  1/30/21

Paul Woodson  300  1/30/21

Bradley Juedes  300  1/31/21

James Rigney  300  2/6/21

Brody Green 805/300  2/7/2021

Housten Mursa 300 2/13/21

Chad LaBarge 300 2/14/21

Joshua Ward 813/300 2/14/21

Randy Grimm 300 2/20/21

David Pliska 300 2/20/21

Michael Schaal 300 2/21/21

Michael Lohse 300 2/21/21

Kyle DeJardin 300 2/28/21

Nathan Michalowski 300 2/28/21

Michael Ristow 300 3/7/2021

Russ Benser 300 3/6/21

Kyle Matthews 300 3/6/21

William Durfey 300 3/6/21

Todd Hencsik 300 3/6/21

Tim Brickson Sr 300 3/12/21

Jeffrey Bloomier 300 3/14/21

Mike Wirz 825 3/13/21

Joel Meyer 300 3/14/21

Jeffrey Bloomier 300 3/14/21

John Wenninger 300 3/20/21

Jason Burns 300 3/21/21

Jeff Spielman 300 3/21/21

Robert Ambrose III 3/21/21

Casey Spensley 300 3/26/21

Steve Vannatta 300 3/26/21

Vern Heidenreiter  814 3/27/21

Andy Mills 300  3/27/21

Eric Liphart 300 3/27/21

Andy Gannon 300 - 826 3/28/21

Dan Cavanaugh 300 3/28/21

Dylan Snodie 300 4/2/21

Derek Eoff 300 4/9/21

Aaron Shepit 300 4/10/21

Michael Schmit 300 4/11/21