The Wisconsin State USBC has selected the winners of their Academic Scholarships for the 2019-2020 season. Once again this year, we are presenting 25 graduating Seniors with scholarships in the amount of $2,000.00. The winners can be viewed by clicking the box below. These scholarships have been placed in each bowler's SMART account. Please watch for details for the 2021 Wisconsin State USBC Scholarships.

The Wisconsin State USBC has also awarded $3,000.00 in scholarship funds the the winners at the High School Championship this past March. The winners are listed below.


   1st Place      Stephanie Zagar     $500.00

   2nd Place     Cassie Prill       $400.00

    3rd Place     Corina Jones     $300.00

     4th Place     Erica Lohr     $200.00

         5th Place     Alyssa Henrickson     $100.00


1st Place     Robert Vater     $500.00

2nd Place     Zach Breczkowski     $400.00

3rd Place     Rylee Schwartz     $300.00

4th Place     Ryan Dreikosen     $200.00

5th Place     Payton Nabak     $100.00