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The 115th Annual Wisconsin Open Championship tournament kicked off January 7th with our opening ceremonies. Two of our sponsors were able to attend. Miller/Coors, represented by Hailey Richardson, presented our association with a check for $4,000.00 as part of their commitment to bowling in Wisconsin. 

Don Hildebrand      Hailey Richardson      Dick Reynolds

The Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau was represented by Brad Toll. Brad brought the “cheese” and a check for $3,000.00. They have been and continue to be a great partner in bringing the tournament to Green Bay!

Don               Brad Toll               Dick


It was time for the ceremonial “Joe Bowler” segment of the program. This year’s Joe was Brad Renspe of Osceola, WI. Brad donned the Cape and Crown and rolled out the first ball of the tournament.


Brad Renspe of Osceola

 Every year bowlers throughout the country contribute to the Bowlers to Veterans Link. Click on the  link below to see what your donations do. 




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